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I’m a sophisticated, demanding real life Mistress, who loves the control, discipline and humiliation of submissive males. I enjoy sensual to strict domination and erotic embarrassment to excruciating humiliation
If you landed on MY page expecting a touchy feely sensitive Domme, move on Fag. Expect to have your little world turned inside out. I`m a mean, politically incorrect, and mercenary BITCH.
Highly educated and experienced Domina, I`ve been in the lifestyle for more than 5 years. Being a Pro Domme has not only taught Me the art of control, but also made my dig deeper into My own darkness.
You will see how gracefully I move and you will hear my sexy seductive voice as I play with you and make you worship me. Once you please me I like to reward you and go deep into your fantasies as we get to know each other better.
You cannot help but abandon your mind and body to My hands. You want Me to abuse you, reassure you that you belong to Me, a toy I use for my amusement...
I have the strength of mind & body to mesmerize you into submission, I’m a naturally Deviant & Dominant woman with a vivid imagination.I like my sessions to be F-U-N. If you’re looking for a Mistress who never smiles then I’m not for you, I love to laugh (mostly at your humiliation) and can think of nothing more enjoyable than having you shackled and at my mercy.
Do you ever desire to be controlled using only the power of your mind? Want to be put into a deep trance and lead through a wonderful fantasy? I am everything that you desire. I am the only thing that you need. I am a TRUE dominatrix. I will become your addiction!
I view each experience as unique, and whether I transform you into a sissy bitch, a sex toy, a voiceless piece of furniture, a bondage pet, a pin cushion, a play thing, or a foot slut, I will unravel and redefine the parts of you that make you whole.
My *style* of Domination is very sensual, intense, energized, erotically charged, there will be no doubt that I LOVE what I do and that I am truly DEEP DOWN KINKY! I have been actively exploring my fetishes long before I had the vocabulary to describe what these activities were.
For me, this is a very REAL kinky power exchange not mechanical theatrics. I would love getting you into the `ZONE`! Imagine yourself at the feet of a TRULY Dominant, truly sexually liberated woman (I am shame-LESS) who will be inspiring your fantasies in ways you never imagined before!
Welcome to my Perverted World of Kink! I am Mistress Giselle.I am a highly Intelligent Lifestyle and Professional Mistress.Welcome to the world of sensual domination and sensual humiliation. I am an erotic sensual fem domme and will gently but firmly guide you into submission.
Domination does not have to be all about whips and chains and yelling. Domination can be very sensual, erotic, and intimate. Each of you have needs that infect you with desires you find hard to keep under control.
However you’ve played out your fantasy in your head it will always be better with me in charge. You will instantly be addicted to my perfect body and as I cast my spell over you, you will be completely hooked – forever my slave, doing anything I desire.
I am Mistress Ella Sade, a sophisticated lifestyle Domina and Female Supremacist. I love to control, discipline and use men for My pleasure. Domination for me is my personality, my lifestyle and professional for many the last 6 years with my own uniqe style.
I am Dominant. If you are submissive and have experience, or if you are a complete novice and would like to explore BDSM, then I am here, waiting to guide you on your journey of self discovery and the realisation of just how wonderful, unique the world of submission and Domination can be.
Let me introduce myself. I am Mistress Carly.I can-create-for you, a deliciously Dominant physical experience or sadistically torture your mind.I find a mixture of both these elements works best.
Hello and welcome to my world of powerful Female Domination. I am Miss Ivana, a very beautiful, powerful and strong Dominatrix.You are looking for an exceptional dominatrix with natural dominance, who don’t need to dress up herself like an actor for a good session? You are welcome!
I am Mistress Aletta, born to be worshiped and spoiled! I enjoy dominating men, always have, always will. I Always get what I want!
My approach is sensual, psychological and sadistic. I treat clients with discretion, intelligence and respect, and expect the same in return.
This is the beginning of your journey into submission slave. Life has taught Me to take control, as I did a number of years ago, and now I am a Professional Mistress, a Goddess, sometimes compassionate but always in control. I am The Bitch that you have dreamed of serving,Once you have had the pleasure of sessioning with Me, I will totally captivate and control you, you will be Mine, your thoughts will dwell on your Mistress constantly.
If you crave losing control completely, you may find erotic mind control fetish to be what you need. You may experience the natural high of amplifying all your submissive desires to a new level in the deep state of trance. Your submissive perversities are my playground.I consider myself to be a fair and understanding Mistress to serve. I am blessed with a wicked imagination so enjoy creating scenes, changing character and image to bring fulfilment for my submissives and myself.
I require co-operative and obedient subs and slaves to satisfy my need to dominate and be worshipped. I am flexible and sensitive to the needs of my subs and slaves..Remember that I am always in control and some of my requests are that you will speak to me at all times politely and with respect.
Sensual, erotic and dominating. I am the beautiful and powerful woman of your fantasy. I don’t spare the rod, the cane, the whip, the verbal abuse and I don’t spoil whining, sniveling, needy wimps.
I am an experienced lifestyle fetishist. I enjoy creating chemistry and a meaningful journey in session. I am versatile in my interests and my style ranges from sensual to severe. I can be wicked, kinky, empathetic and a real tease.
I am not simply a Domme and being Dominant isn't a role play for me - it IS me. I like Power. I like Control. I like Independence. I like Respect. This is my lifestyle. This is me. This is who I am....
Now that you have entered my world and made the choice to serve me, you must always abide by my rules and submit to my every need and want. Strapon play, financial slave, CBT, humiliation, heels, latex, PVC, t ease&denial, sph, cei, joi and all fetish for u waiting for some obedient slaves here!
Welcome to my world of Pain and Pleasure. A world where your everyday reality is suspended and replaced by one that truly allows you to explore those submissive, masochistic and fetish desires.
I am a dominatrix, a mistress, a master. I enjoy watching you in pain, on your knees, being humiliated and degrading you. I enjoy you into doing things for me and giving me money. I enjoy being spoiled because I deserve it!
My name is Mistress Shayra,I`m a professional Domina that loves to humiliate you and put you back into your place like the little worm that you are!!
I am young, yet sick, creative, sadistic and playful. I expect my slaves to entertain me, please me and submit to me fully. Whatever is your weakness, it gives me great pleasure turning your fantasies into reality, whether you are an experienced player or a novice taking your first steps into the erotic world of BDSM, role play and fetish.
Perhaps you’ve played for years, and know your preferences well. Perhaps you have never played before and are nervously excited to explore this side of yourself. Either way, you should know a bit about me and my approach to BDSM. I believe in the Loving Dominant.
For those who haven`t had the pleasure of meeting Me yet, let Me introduce Myself. My name is Mistress Valerie and I M a Professional Dominatrix and Lifestyle Mistress. I M strict, seductive, cruel and take great delight in tormenting and humiliating submissives.
I will be only allowing you in my life so you can cater, serve and amuse me as my servant. I am offering so graciously the privilege to associate yourself, serve and worship a beauty who would otherwise never even acknowledge!
I am an experienced Mistress that enjoys dealing with submissives.I enjoy role play and fetish games,CBT and Spanking. I am accurate and firm I enjoy administering this discipline.
I`m seductively dominant and my slaves love serving me. I love playing with sissies, panty boys, bisexual & gay boys, domination and submission games, spanking, light bondage, cuckoldry, humiliation, femme, gay, tiny dick humiliation, tease and denial.
you will experience deep emotions and psychological sensations that will stagger you. You will suffer punishment and you will enjoy punishment from the hands of your Mistress, your Queen.
I am Mistress Olivia - one of most beautiful and sophisticated Dominant Mistresses - but then of course you have already deduced that from my photograph!
I am inquisitive and find the mind a wonderous thing which invites so many ideas to come and play. I do not have a certain style as I can only be myself, as a Dominatrix you cannot act only be.
Welcome to my world of sensual domination, divine bondage, discipline and fetishes. I give you the opportunity to escape your everyday life and let yourself be fascinated and revitalized by my divine dominant, sensual eroticism.
I love to have a submissive man at my feet, obedient, who will give me all the controll and complete respect. I can be a sadist, but I am also friendly and easy to talk to. I will make sure that I will give you a session that you will remember for a very long time.
Highly educated and experienced Domina, I`ve been in the lifestyle for more than 5 years. Being a Pro Domme has not only taught Me the art of control, but also made my dig deeper into My own darkness.
Welcome to my Dark World of BDSM and prepare your self with your kneepads because you will Surrender to me, on your knees, I will tease intoxicating you, while you beg to be sacrificed, rewarding you with pain, punishment and humiliation, haha!!
You are very welcome to "enjoy" BDSM session with me, whether you have experience in serving a Mistress or if you wish to discover what BDSM is for you. Be my “guest”! I will open the world for you in which you have never been before.